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Outdoor Furniture Covers

Shop The Garden Gates' outdoor furniture covers to protect your outdoor decor and patio furniture and accessories. The Garden Gates' covers for outdoor furniture include covers for patio sets, round table covers, chaise lounge covers, umbrella covers, bench covers, picnic table covers, fountain covers, fire pit covers, lawn mower covers, and wood pile covers for fire wood. Each type of outdoor cover that The Garden Gates' carries comes in a variety of sizes for any space and outdoor decor. The Garden Gates understands how important it is to protect your outdoor decor and investments, and that is why we provide a number of shapes and sizes of covers for outdoor furniture. The Garden Gates wants to help you keep your outdoor decorations and patio furniture looking as nice as when you first purchased it. 


Lawn Mover Covers and Fountain Covers

Call The Garden Gates to speak with an outdoor manager about finding the right outdoor covers for your patio furniture and outdoor accessories. Lawn mower covers are important to keep insects, water and other elements away from either your traditional lawn mover or riding lawn mower. Lawn mowers are a very important part of yard maintenance and can be quite expensive - let The Garden Gates provide you with a quality lawn mower cover to help your mower last and stay in top shape. Fountains are also in investment in your yard or garden to protect. Use one of our different sized fountain covers to keep your water fountain looking clean and new. Also, fountains need to be protected from extreme temperatures, bad weather and during trips and vacations. Simply place your fountain cover over the fountain in one piece and rest assured that your water fountain is safe. 


Wood Pile Covers for Firewood

Fire wood can be a costly collection to lose to the elements or insects such as termites. Place The Garden Gates' wood pile cover over your fire wood stack to keep it our of harm's way so that it can last you through the season or sustain you until more is available. The Garden Gates outdoor covers for wood piles are made of a sturdy and tough woven polyethylene to withstand the UV rays of the sun, rain and wind. Secure the wood pile outdoor cover with eyelets and ties to make sure your fire wood is fully protected and ready to use when you need it. The Garden Gates outdoor covers make it easy to maintain your outdoor accessories and items you wish to keep safe. 


Covers for Outdoor Furniture

The Garden Gates' covers for outdoor furniture and patio set covers come in a multitude of sizes to cover round tables, chaise lounges, umbrellas, picnic tables and an impressive selection of more outdoor covers. Keep your nice patio furniture safe during the harsh summer temperatures, bad weather and storms, and extreme cold with polyethylene outdoor furniture covers to make sure they stay beautiful for years to comes. The Garden Gates understands what an investment patio furniture and outdoor decor can be, and we want to help you prolong the life of your outdoor decor.


Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture covers, such as fire pit covers, fountain covers, umbrella covers, and more, are a must just about anywhere of the country. Whether you live in the north with bitter winters or the south with extreme summers, The Garden Gates' patio furniture covers make excellent additions and safety precautions no matter the weather. Ensure peace of mind while you stay safe indoors that your outdoor decor and patio furniture sets will remain safe and secure. Most patio furniture covers come with eyelets and ties so that your furniture is also protected from wind. 

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