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Fragrant Candles and Home Candles for Room Scents and Home Fragrances

The Garden Gates' fragrant candles and home candles for room scents come in a lovely array of fragrances to suit any nose. Try more powerful decorative urn candles in scents such as Tuscan Pear or Black Mission Fig for a scent that will travel throughout a room and home. If your palette is more sensitive, try classic favorites like Paper White and Honey or Coastal Cove for a clean and fresh scent that will stay in the background. Many fragranced candles by Nouvelle Candle Company are great for multiple rooms around the home and throughout the year.

Scented Candles, Urn Candles and Room Fragrances from Nouvelle Candle Company 

Scented candles from Nouvelle Candle Company and The Garden Gates make beautiful additions to any home decor to provide wonderful room fragrances throughout. Home fragrances are an important part of decorating and making a room not only look welcoming but also feel welcoming. Decorative candles and scented candles from The Garden Gates come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and scents to match your mood, home decor, or to create the look you want.

Decorative Candles, Fragrant Candles and Glass Candles from Nouvelle Candle Company

The Garden Gates has a wonderful selection of decorative candles, scented candles, votive candles and many more types of candles. From scented votives for a small space to large and beautiful decorative urn candles, The Garden Gates has a great selection of candles for any space. Choose from calming scents to create a relaxing atmosphere or floral and bright notes to fill a home before guests arrive. The Garden Gates has an amazing selection of scented candles for any use and occasion. 

The Best Candles and Scented Candles from The Garden Gates' Candle Store

The Garden Gates carries the best scented candles at our candle store. From exclusive Fleur de Lis candle urns from Nouvelle Candle Company to scented candles that come in old fashioned milk glasses, The Garden Gates carries a wonderful array of candles for anywhere in the home. Try the Mademoiselle Nouvelle Urn Candle in a powder room for your next get together or event; the warm and rich aroma of the Mademoiselle fragrance is a favorite of customers and staff alike at The Garden Gates. If you are looking for a clean scent that can go throughout the home, look no further than Paper White and Honey from Nouvelle as well. This scent will make your home inviting, and this scent is suitable for every room in your house. 

Aromatherapy Candles, Candles in Glass Jars and Votive Candles for Home Fragrances

Urn candles by the Nouvelle Candle Company and brought to you by The Garden Gates make the perfect accessory for any room because it is multifunctional. This beautiful cream crackle urn design will add a nice touch to a table or shelf and the wonderful aromas from this candle company will delight the senses. The Garden Gates also offers other decorative candles. Try the Distressed Oval Urn Candle for a beautiful addition to your home decor or add some ambiance to a family room with the wonderful aroma of Nouvelle's New Orleans fragrance. Create a relaxing environment with Lavender Lime scented candles or the inviting Parterre fragrance; both are soothing and relaxing scents perfect for a bathroom or bath area.

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