Dried Lavender Scoops from The Garden Gates from The Garden Gates on Vimeo.


Where to Buy Lavender?

Lavender sachets and the best candle for room scents from The Garden Gates make the perfect addition to any room or home decor. Lavender sachets are a timeless way to add fragrance to drawers, armoires, and closets. Dried lavender for lavender pouches are also an organic way to relax because of the powers of its scent. Try placing a dried lavender sachet near a pillow to experience the calming effect of the lavender scent. The Garden Gates also carries elegant dried lavender bunches that make simple arrangements for around the home. 

Dried Lavender for Lavender Pouches and Sachet Bags

The Garden Gates' dried lavender for lavender pouches and sachet bags make great gifts and party favors. The Garden Gates' dried lavender in an initial pouch or decorative sachet bag is an easy addition to a series of presents and will go with any bath and body themed gift for any holiday. Gift a lavender sachet bag by its self as a thoughtful way to brighten someone's day, cheer up a friend or to show a loved one that you care. Give personalized initial lavender sachet bags as favors for a special event or a get together with close friends. Whatever the occasion, dried lavender in a lavender pouch or sachet bag from The Garden Gates is always a sweet gift.

Dried Lavender Bunches for Sale, Lavender Candles and Lavender Sachets

Dried lavender bunches for sale, lavender candles and lavender sachets from The Garden Gates are a natural way to add fragrance to any room in your home and to create a calm, relaxing environment. The Lavender Lime Candle from Nouvelle Candles comes in two options of beautiful, decorative containers. Try the Lavender Lime candle in either the cream crackle urn or the distressed oval urn for great additions to your home decor. Both can be used as urns for plants and look nice on their own in any room in the home. Try both of the Lavender Lime candles for different areas of the home; the distressed oval urn is best for a large area, such as a kitchen or family room. The cream crackle urn in Lavender Lime works great in a bathroom, bedroom or living room. 

Lavender by the Scoop, Dried Lavender Bunches and Lavender Candles

The Garden Gates' lavender by the scoop, dried lavender bunches and lavender candles will work with any home decor. Lavender in any form is a traditional way to add fragrance to the home and belongings, and dried lavender is a simple yet effective way to keep drawers and closets fresh as well as work as a sleep aid. The benefits of dried lavender by the scoop, dried lavender bunches and lavender candles are a relaxed mood and peace of mind. Use dried lavender from The Garden Gates throughout your home to help with the daily struggle to relax. 

Dried Lavender for Sachet Bags and Dried Lavender Bunches for Sale

Dried lavender for sachet bags and dried lavender bunches for sale are at your fingertips with the help of The Garden Gates. Order  our dried lavender by the scoop for your next special event or project, or call The Garden Gates to speak with one of our experienced designers with help for all of your dried lavender questions. The Garden Gates carries a great selection of lavender scented candles, dried lavender for lavender pouches and dried lavender bunches. 

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