India Stewart

India Stewart


Womens Jewelry by New Orleans Jewelry Designer India Stewart

The Garden Gates carries the finest in women's jewelry by New Orleans' local jewelry designer India Stewart. A favorite in the New Orleans jewelry and art scene, India Stewart takes her love for her home and nature and turns it into wonderful designs to wear and adorn your home or office. From simple silver pendants depicting nature scenes to wonderful cross and gold leafed insect sculptures, The Garden Gates' collection of handcrafted pieces from India Stewart Designs is something to be celebrated. India Stewart Designs are loved by local and travelers alike because of their classic style and timeless appeal. 

Jewelry Designs, Ladies Jewelry and Religious Jewelry

Jewelry designs, ladies jewelry and religious jewelry from The Garden Gates' selection of India Stewart Designs makes thoughtful gifts for many of the women in your life. Commemorate special milestones such as baptisms, weddings, graduation and anniversaries with the class pieces of beautiful jewelry and equally elegant religious and nature inspired sculptures and ornaments. The talented designer behind the name, India Stewart, is a native to South Louisiana where she has always been inspired by the natural beauty of life down here. India Stewart grew up surrounded by the coastal waterways that are full of life, the thick bayous and swamps and the elegant and lush floral gardens throughout the city. All of these diverse, yet equally magnificent entities inspired her to create jewelry and home goods that reflect the beauty we so often take for granted. 

Vermeil Jewelry, Silver Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry Designs

The Garden Gates' selection of vermeil jewelry, silver jewelry and fashion jewelry designs from India Stewart are uniquely designed and created for everyday use but are beautiful enough to wear for special occasions as well. India Stewart Designs' sculptures and ornaments will always have a place in the home, as these are not intrusive pieces and make the perfect accent pieces for side tables, coffee tables, shelves, desks or anywhere a touch of gold or silver would look best. India Stewarts' gold leaf designs such as the Butterfly Sculpture, Lily Cross Ornament and Gold Leaf Plume Sculpture are thoughtful and elegant additions for anywhere around the home and will add just the right touch of gold to a room or section of a room. 

Religious Pieces of Jewelry and Christian Jewelry and Sculptures

Religious pieces of jewelry and christian jewelry and sculptures from India Stewart Designs and The Garden Gates are all very special pieces with great meaning behind each design. Every piece of jewelry, every sculpture and every ornament that India Stewart creates was inspired by a local sight or event where she has found beauty and inspiration and turned it into a special piece to take home or to wear. The Flambeaux Torch Pin, which comes in both gold plate and silver plate, was inspired by the flambeaux torches each year at Mardi Gras, which is both a fascinating and dangerous tradition that dates back to the last century. The Lily Cross Sculpture, also available in both silver plate and gold plate, is a testament to the lilies that are so important to the Christian faith and also a flower found in nature in Louisiana and known for its sweet smell and soft flower. 

Jewelry for Women, Christian Jewelry Designs and Ladies Jewelry

For jewelry for women, Christian jewelry designs and ladies jewelry, shop The Garden Gates online jewelry shop for the latest designs from India Stewart as well as a number of other jewelry designers for all of your gift-giving and jewelry needs. 

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