Body products and the best candle for room scents from The Garden Gates make the perfect addition to any room or home decor.

Scented Candles, Room Fragrances and Dried Lavender Bunches

Scented candles, room fragrances and dried lavender bunches from The Garden Gates come in a number of scents and designs to keep your home and belongings smelling fresh and lovely. Many of The Garden Gates' home fragrance options are safe and effective ways to keep the air clean and do not need to be attended. Such room scents as oil diffusers, organza sachet bags and dried lavender bunches will subtly add fragrance to the air continuously for soothing aromatherapy to lightly scent the air. Reed diffusers are a practical option for bathrooms, children's rooms and entrance halls that often need a boost of fresh scent because they are high traffic areas. The Garden Gates' selection of oil diffusers will do their job throughout the day without having to worry about them. 

Candles for Sale, Dried Lavender for Sachets and Home Scents for Aromatherapy

The Garden Gates' candle for sale, dried lavender for sachets and home scents come in a lovely array of fragrances to suit any nose. Try more powerful urn decorative candles in scents such as Tuscan Pear or Mademoiselle for a scent that will travel throughout a room and home. If your palette is more sensitive, try classic favorites like Paper White and Honey or Sweet Olive for a clean and fresh scent that will stay in the background. Wine Bottle candles from Green Bean are wonderful aromatherapies for bath time or relaxing. 

Lavender Sachets and the Best Candles for Room Scents

Lavender sachets and the best candle for room scents from The Garden Gates make the perfect addition to any room or home decor. Lavender sachets are a timeless way to add fragrance to drawers, armoires, and closets. Dried lavender for lavender pouches are also an organic way to relax because of the powers of its scent. Try placing a dried lavender sachet near a pillow to experience the calming effect of the lavender scent. The Garden Gates also carries elegant dried lavender bunches that make simple arrangements for around the home. 

Organza Bag Sachets, Scent Diffusers, Room Spray and Dried Lavender for Lavender Pouches

The Garden Gates' organza bag sachets, scent diffusers, room spray and dried lavender comes in a number of options to suit your home fragrance needs. Try The Garden Gates' French room spray in the heavenly scent of Marquis, which also comes in scented organza bags as well to keep the clothes in your drawers and closets smelling fresh year round. The Garden Gates' collection of decorative candles and oil diffusers will delight your senses throughout the seasons and regardless of your home decor and accessories. From votive cables to dried lavender pouches to soy candles, The Garden Gates will have the solutions to all of your room scent needs. Call The Garden Gates to get assistance to when selecting the right home fragrances for you. 

How To Order from Campania International
Ordering from Campania International is easy! Just follow this step-by-step guide:
  • Step 1: Find the garden bench, planter, large garden fountain, bird bath or statue of your dreams.
  • Step 2: Select your favorite finish from the 12 finish colors Campania offers.
  • Step 3: Place your order, including your choice of finish color.
  • Step 4: Receive email confirmation containing your order number and other order details.
  • Step 5: Receive email confirmation when your order goes into production, meaning Campania will cast your piece from scratch, let it set, stain it with your finish, let it dry, and then pack it up. This process takes 10-14 days*, after which your product will ship.
  • Step 6: Receive shipping confirmation email containing a FedEx or UPS tracking number. [If your item is heavy and large, it will ship through a local freight company and not through FedEx or UPS. If this is the case, you will receive an email that looks like this before you receive the email with your tracking number. You will be contacted by the freight company to schedule a delivery day and time. It is your responsibility to speak to the freight company to schedule a delivery. The freight company will bring your order to the first dry location, but anything further requires an additional cost. If you have special needs for delivery, please let us know at the time of order.]
  • Step 7: Excitedly await the arrival of your personalized Campania International product, accept the package, and enjoy.