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Outdoor Hayracks

The Garden Gates' exclusive line of hayracks and wall planters was designed by professional garden designers who understand the need for hayracks and wall planters to be as practical as possible while still looking attractive. Hayrack outdoor planters provide an ideal environment for flowers and plants because the custom coco and moss liners used to line the bottom and sides of the hayracks promote healthier plant growth. Wall planters and planter boxes using the same custom coco and moss liners allow plants to thrive and flourish in places one might not usually see plants or flowers.  


Window Planters & Hanging Planters

Window planters, hanging planters and hayracks by The Garden Gates' design team make perfect additions to any outdoor garden space. In the French Quarter of New Orleans, garden pots and planters are difficult to use on large, tall balconies. However, The Garden Gates' hayrack window boxes and hanging planters work perfectly to adorn the centuries old wrought iron railings. Wall planters breath new life into hidden courtyards as they scale the time-worn walls. Paved patios and paved walkways get a touch of color with hayracks, wall planters and hanging garden planters. 


Wall Planters & Hayrack Plant Pots

The Garden Gates' group of landscaping designers and architects work to create beautiful lawns, gardens and landscape designs that are as unique as their customers. Our landscape designers understand that each situation and space is one-of-a-kind, and The Garden Gates' hayracks, wall planters, and planter pots are the perfect enhancement to an already beautiful lawn. Let our certified irrigation and sprinkler system specialists create a hydrating and reliable drip irrigation system for your hanging planters and hayracks to stay cool and satisfied throughout the year, especially the long summer. Outdoor planters and planter pots are an important aspect to consider when installing a water sprinkler system. The Garden Gates' licensed irrigation systems designers and installers will do the work for you so you don't have to. 


Window Boxes & Living Wall Planters

Window boxes and living wall planters are truly garden planters that are to be enjoyed year round. Turn The Garden Gates' window planters and hayrack garden planters into interesting deck planters, topiary pottery and patio gardens simply by the flowers and plants you put in them. The Garden Gates' expert landscape managers and plant experts can assist you when choosing the perfect flowers and greens to find a new home in our garden pots, hayrack planters, wall planters, and hanging pots. 


Hayrack Window Basket

The Garden Gates outdoor garden planter selection will help you find the perfect addition to add color and life to your outdoor garden, deck or paved patio. From custom window planters and hanging baskets to a variety of hayracks for any space, The Garden Gates' outdoor decor selection will keep your home and garden beautiful and lush. Hayrack planters and window boxes are a great way keep plants healthy and to add to landscaping. Wall planters and hayrack window boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as styles for any outdoor decor for patio gardens, outdoor gardens and planter boxes. Because The Garden Gates' team members designed each hayrack, window box, and hanging planter, the knowledge that comes with only experience and time went into each piece. The Garden Gates' exclusive line of hanging baskets, window boxes and hayracks make beautiful gifts for those who love outdoor planters.  

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