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Metal Hanging Baskets

Look to The Garden Gates' hanging baskets for the perfect way to display your favorite plants and flowers in your outdoor decor.  Hanging baskets and outdoor hanging plants offer a unique flower arrangement for any area of your home. From classic New Orleans' French Quarter balconies and hidden courtyards to sprawling verandas and wraparound porches, The Garden Gates' hanging baskets make the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Outdoor hanging baskets and flower planters add an unexpected pop of color or the lushness of greenery without the fuss of planting in the ground. Hanging baskets are also great when you do not have any ground to plant in at all. There are a variety of uses for hanging basket in any garden.


Hanging Flower Baskets with Coco Moss

Using the right hanging basket supplies will create the perfect growing environment for you favorite hanging plants and flowers. The Garden Gates' landscape designers and knowledgeable staff can advise you on which kinds of hanging baskets to purchase based on the type of plant you choose to put in your new hanging basket. Also, the experts at The Garden Gates can assist you in selecting the right plants and flowers for your hanging flower planters. Flowering plants that tend to cascade or naturally flow over the edge of a hanging basket are make ideal habitants for The Garden Gates' hanging baskets and flower planters.  Plants like boston ferns, wave petunias and even succulents make great hanging baskets. 


Hanging Basket for Plants

Hanging Baskets coming in a variety of flower basket size to fit your needs.12” moss baskets are suited nicely to hang from a 2” hook from a fascia or eave.  Large coco lined lotus hanging baskets and flower planters in the 20” size look beautiful when filled with ferns and hanging form a large limb in the garden. Hanging flower basket make great gifts for anyone because they are so enjoyable to have hanging on your balcony or paved patio. Hanging baskets for plants are also a quick and simple way to spruce up around the house, porch or smallerpatio gardens. During the holidays, Christmas Cactus hanging baskets and flower planters are wonderful gifts for family and friends, and poinsettias in large hanging baskets will get your home or business in the season in no time. 


Outdoor Flower Hanging Baskets

The Garden Gates' team of landscaping designers and architects understand the importance of extras in your outdoor decor to keep your landscaping, patios and lawns looking fresh and new. Flower planters and outdoor flower hanging baskets are a pretty, easy way to enhance your outdoor decor. Hanging baskets can be dressed up or dressed down to match your style. From flowing, draping vines to neatly manicured greens, let the design staff at The Garden Gates help you pick the best outdoor hanging baskets and flowers and plants for a warm sunny spot or a cool shady one. Outdoor planters and hanging baskets work in just about any space. 


Hanging Plants and Flower Planters

Hanging plants and flower planters from The Garden Gates are all available on our online store. Call today to speak with one of our friendly staff to get the best advice on what to plant in your hanging baskets. Hanging plants are available in a number of varieties, and The Garden Gates' hanging baskets were created with our customers in mind. Each hanging basket and flower planter from The Garden Gates comes with a sturdy moss or coco liner to provide the ideal growing environment for the plants you choose to plant in the hanging basket. 

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