Garden Clean Up

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Garden Clean Up

No matter the size of your yard, lawn and garden, The Garden Gates has the tools and supplies necessary to help you maintain your outdoor space and to keep it clean and neat. The Garden Gates' garden clean up supplies make it easy to haul leaves and debris when cleaning the yard. Our great polyethylene bags, tripods, bag loaders, and storage bags can be used for a multitude of tasks outdoors, such as cleaning, weeding, hauling, mowing, raking and trimming. Use the tip bags for fall clean up of leaves or store children's outdoor toys, hoses, gardening tools and the like in them. The Garden Gates' garden clean up supplies can help you organize a shed or outdoor area as well as assist in yard maintenance.  


Yard Maintenance

Regular clean up and pruning is important to keeping a yard and garden healthy and growing to its potential. From major spring clean up and fall clean up to weekly weeding and simple tasks, The Garden Gates' bags, sheets and covers are inexpensive yet effective cleaning aids. Our green polyethylene bos bags will also help you when cutting flowers or picking vegetables and fruits in the garden. Our yard clean up supplies do not have to be used just to garbage and cleaning. The large storage bags with zippers make great holders for Christmas lights and outdoor holiday decor, and they will fit neatly in the attic or storage facility. Home gardening does not have to be difficult with the right tools from The Garden Gates.


Planning a Garden

Whether you are planning a delicious vegetable garden or a simple addition to your yard, The Garden Gates' garden clean up supplies will help you with all of your gardening and yard maintenance needs when planning a garden or lawn. Plant a garden with The Garden Gates tools to help you get your outdoor area cleaned, weeded and in top shape for spring and fall clean up and planting times. Enjoy home gardening with the help of The Garden Gates. 


Spring and Fall Clean Up

The Garden Gates' landscaping experts can help you choose the right garden clean up supplies based on the size and scope of your yard, garden or project. From major overhauls and renovations to simple additions or clean ups, The Garden Gates' team will assist you in getting the right supplies for your space. Easily collect leaves after they drop in the fall with the leaf collector tripod bag, protect and store weed eaters and tools in our polyethylene storage bags or haul vegetables for dinner in the dark green bos bag. The Garden Gates' online shop also offers great and durable covers for your outdoor lawn mower in a couple of sizes. 


Home Gardening

Garden clean up and yard clean up projects do not have to be intimidating with The Garden Gates' tip bags in various sizes. They make home gardening enjoyable and less work by having a ready made bin for leaves, cuttings and weeds. Our tip bags multitask as storage bins and ways to organize a garage, shed or outdoor area also. Keep your gardening tools and outdoor items all in one place with our garden clean up bins and bags. All of The Garden Gates yard clean up supplies are available in a green so they fit into the outdoor space without looking out of space or drawing attention to themselves. 

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