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Fiberglass Planters


Fiberglass Pottery and Planters

The Garden Gates' fiberglass planters and planter pots are a great way to have all the beauty of terra cotta outdoor pottery and planters without the weight of a heavy, large planter. Fiberglass planters and fiberglass pottery are manufactured by many pottery companies, but finding classic garden pottery that meets high standards in New Orleans or other major cities in the United States is not always a simple task.


European Styling Home & Garden

Creating a beautiful European outdoor garden can be costly and cumbersome. The Garden Gates brings you Capital Gardens' fiberglass  planter boxes, large planters and garden pots in old European styles to make your outdoor garden as distinct and unique as your home. Capital Gardens' fiberglass planters and pots make excellent deck planters, flower boxes,  and garden pots. Add planter pots to your paved patio gardens or create stunning topiary pottery for your outdoor space with The Garden Gates' selection of fiberglass pots and planters. Because of the lightweight nature of fiberglass, they are easy to move unlike heavy traditional terra cotta planters and pots. 


Outdoor Fiberglass Planters

The experienced team of landscape architects and designers at The Garden Gates will assist you in selecting fiberglass planters, fiberglass garden pots, and fiberglass planter pots. Schedule a consultation, and one of our talented landscape designers will create a free estimate for your outdoor garden to include fiberglass plant pots, fiberglass planter boxes and outdoor fiberglass planters. The Garden Gates' experienced landscaping designers can also recommend beautiful plants or lush greenery to bring your fiberglass flower boxes, fiberglass window planters, and fiberglass plant pots to life. Landscaping design goes beyond lawncare and lawn maintenance, and with the help of landscape design and managers, your garden and lawn will come to life with planter boxes and outdoor planters. 


Large Pots & Planters in Fiberglass

Fiberglass is an ideal material for large pots and planters. Fiberglass is a lightweight substance that is easy to transport and carry while remaining sturdy and durable - qualities necessary for outdoor planters and garden pots. Capital Gardens bring the timeless beauty of European gardens and styling to America with a manageable weight. Finding the perfect planter boxes, planter pots and outdoor planters has never been easier with The Garden Gates. 


Outdoor Garden Planter Styles

Capital Gardens produces the industry’s best reproductions European style fiberglass outdoor planters and garden pots. Choose from Capital Gardens’ unique array of styles: citrus plant motif pottery, geocube planters, oakleaf planters and pots, Adam window planters, Adam garden planters, Chippendale outdoor planters, Cretan oil jar pots, geosphere planter pots, Queen Anne urn plant pots, trough planters and fiberglass planters. Shop The Garden Gates’ selection of fiberglass garden planters, fiberglass plant pots, large fiberglass planters, and fiberglass garden pots. Whether you are looking for window planters, flower boxes or deck planters to fill your paved patio garden or outdoor space, The Garden Gates has beautiful ways to enhance any outdoor space with fiberglass planters and pots. 

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