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Curtain Tiebacks


Curtain Tiebacks and Drapery Holdbacks

The Garden Gates has a great selection of curtain tiebacks and drapery holdbacks for all of your curtain and drapery needs. The Garden Gates' collection of drapery tiebacks come in classic styles for multiple uses around the home and to match many different home decors. Curtain tie backs are a classic and elegant way to open curtains and drapes to let in the light during the day. Drapery holdbacks are also a beautiful way to show off custom curtains and to expose sheer, gauzy panels underneath. Whatever your home decor needs, The Garden Gates has your curtain hardware and drapery holdback needs covered. 


Drapery Tiebacks and Curtain Hardware

Drapery Tiebacks and curtain hardware from The Garden Gates come in a number of styles, designs and color finishes to match your existing home decor or to inspire a whole new look. Curtain tie backs are appropriate in every room of the house. From elegant formal living rooms and casual dens to simple kitchen curtains or warm bedrooms, The Garden Gates has styles and colors of drapery holdbacks that will compliment custom drapes, timeless linen panels and colorful curtains. 


Curtain Tie Backs and Drapery Hardware

The Garden Gates' curtain tie backs and drapery hardware come in three classic designs to match your home decor. Try the Acanthus curtain tieback for a romantic and ornate look in a bedroom. The Van Gogh Sun Flower drapery holdback will look beautiful in a living room or family room. The Garden Gates' Ripple Curtain tie back is a great look that will work well in any room of any home. The ripple's simple design will not overshadow any curtains or drapes, and it will help to create a balanced look with detailed curtains. 


Tie Backs for Curtains and Curtain Holdbacks

Tie backs for curtains and curtain holdbacks from The Garden Gates not only come in a number of styles but they also come in a number of finishes to suit the different styles of home decor and to enhance the colors of your drapery or other curtain hardware. The Acanthus curtain tie back comes in six finishes to compliment woodwork, flooring or other accessories you may have in the room. The Ripple drapery holdback comes in eight colors, from eye-popping metallics to neutral hues to work with any home decor needs. Just about all of The Garden Gates' curtain tie back colors will inspire you to create a beautiful window treatment. 


Drapery Holdbacks and Curtain Tiebacks

Call The Garden Gates to get the best advice on drapery holdbacks and curtain tiebacks for your next project. Our team of designers and architects are ready to help you choose the right style, design and color of curtain tiebacks to match any room in your home. The Garden Gates' expert designers understand the importance of details and how they can complete the look of each room. Small details such as drapery tiebacks can make a big different in the look of a window treatment, and the right curtain hardware can turn a window into an elegant and classic design. The Garden Gates' tie backs for curtains come in a great selection of size, design and finish color to match every look from classic French country to sophisticated and modern urban dwellings. Let The Garden Gates help you get started on selecting your new drapery holdbacks for your windows treatments and curtains today. 

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