Composting Information

Composting is an environmentally friendly method of recycling plant and animal matter and turning it into nutrient rich, fertilizing soil. Because The Garden Gates understands the importance of being green, we fully promote composting at home because it is so beneficial to your plants and helps reduce waste. It is amazing and inspiring when repurposed table scraps, fallen leaves and pet waste turn your garden and potted plants into healthy, vibrant plants reaching their full potential without the use of fertilizing chemicals. The Garden Gates brings to you a number of composting bins, composting sacks and accessories to help you easily and conveniently compost at home. 


How to Compost Indoors and Outdoors

A wide variety of plant and animal materials can be used in your composters to create rich, nourishing soil for your flower pots and garden. Composting will make you think twice about throwing away usual home and garden waste. Instead of creating garbage, place grass clippings, vegetable peels, decomposed vegetation, plant remains, peat, charcoal and pet waste into the composting bin or compost can and let nature do the work. Through decomposition, aerobic bacteria, fungi and other organisms will eat the waste, breaking it down over time into valuable fertilizer. The Garden Gates' compost caddy and compost can are ideal for indoor compost storage while cooking and cleaning up before bringing your compost treasures to the compost bin outside. 


Best Composting Bins & Tumblers

Composting bins and composters from The Garden Gates make recycling and reusing simple. The Garden Gates also carries compost aerators and composting forks to stir compost bins and help in the decomposition process. The Garden Gates' composting products are a great way to improve your green routine and can be used by the whole family. Get the family on board with composting by adding a compost caddy in the kitchen with a carbon filter and tie top liners. Composting supplies can help the compost process and make it simple, clean and convenient to compost. Thanks to the recent green movement, composting has regained popularity, making it easier than ever. 


Composter Makers

Composting bins and compost aerators will help you make compost at home. The Garden Gates' composting supplies are green and will help you compost on large scales for fertilizing gardens and small scales for a few flower pots. Call The Garden Gates for composting advice or shop our composting bins and composting supplies online for green ways to recycle waste and reuse it outdoors. The Garden Gates offers a nice selection of leaf composting sacks, wire compost bins, garden compost bins, and country wood composters. The Garden Gates also brings to you recycled plastic compost bins, compost cans, kitchen compost caddies and accessories. 


Making Compost

Making compost requires a mixture of various decaying organic substances such as leaves, manure, and charcoal. Almost any plant and animal matter is suitable for composting as long as it can break down. Fertilized soil from composting bins is great for growing plants, especially in pots and planters. Feed your plants and flowers naturally, economically and sustainable with this environmentally friendly process of composting. The Garden Gates can help you with your composting needs of an already established compost bin or help you get started composting at home with our composting supplies and tools. The Garden Gates can help you make compost and supply your composting needs so that you can reduce waste, save money on fertilizers, and help the environment. 

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