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Chairs for Classic Seating and Upholstered Chairs

The Garden Gates offers chairs for classic seating areas and classic upholstered chairs for dining rooms and living rooms and accent chairs for around the home. These beautiful upholstered chairs from The Garden Gates will add the right touch to any room in your home and will create a welcoming, inviting appeal throughout. The best chairs and accent chairs from The Garden Gates are upholstered chairs and leather chairs for comfortable and elegant sitting areas. Shop The Garden Gates tasteful collection of chairs of all different looks to find the right chair for your space. 


Dining Room Chairs and Living Room Chairs

The Garden Gates carries attractive dining room chairs and elegant living room chairs to create a charming, class ambiance in either room for a look to last you years. The Garden Gates' collection of club chairs and accent chairs are never trendy; these dining room chairs and living room chairs all feature classic designs and neutral and simple fabrics to be worked into many home decors. These beautiful chairs from The Garden Gates will work perfectly in other rooms as accent pieces. Try an upholstered chair from The Garden Gates in the corner of a bedroom, by a crackling fire in a study or a pair in a wide hall to add an interesting place to stop and relax. The Garden Gates' dining room chairs also work at a desk, at kitchen sitting or eating areas or in a dressing room. 


The Best Chairs and Accent Chairs

The Garden Gates offers the best chairs and accent chairs for perfect additions to any room. Imagine the Orleans Rattan Back Side Chair or the Ethan Dining Chair around an elegant dining room table. Or try the Andre Dining Chair for a classic look around a dining room table or breakfast room table. The Grange Library Chair in Leather is a stunning addition to a study or living room. The Ross Tufted Chair in Linen is also an elegant addition to any sitting area. Imagine the Jersey Wide Club Chair in a living room or intimate sitting area or a pair of the French Print Wing Back Chairs in a formal yet inviting living room. Many of The Garden Gates upholstered chairs can be used for many functions, from everyday use in a den to special occasions in rooms that are used less. 


Dining Chairs and Leather Chairs

Dining chairs and leather chairs from The Garden Gates are made of the highest quality materials, and many of these accent chairs have hand tied springs for the ultimate in support and long lasting durability. From leather to linen to wonderful prints, The Garden Gates' upholstered chairs for dining rooms and living rooms are understated beauties to make seating arrangements from classic areas to contemporary settings and everything in between. The Garden Gates strives to provide you with quality living room chairs and dining room chairs for your home, office and beyond. 


Upholstered Club Chairs and Accent Chairs

Call The Garden Gates to get custom assistance when selecting upholstered club chairs, accent chairs, dining room chairs and living room chairs. The Garden Gates' team of expert designers and architects are ready to help you choose the right leather chairs and upholstered chairs for your space, from a formal sitting area or dining room to a great family room. 

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