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Decorative Body Pillows and Luxury Bed Linens by Bella Notte Linens

The Garden Gates carries decorative body pillows and luxury bed linens by Bella Notte Linens for the finest in home decor and bed linens. Bella Notte Linens is a luxury linen company featuring the first in easy care linens that are also considered luxury bedding. These Bella Notte body pillows and luxury bed linens come in many wonderful fabrics and colors to match any color palette and style. The Garden Gates loves Bella Notte Linens products not just for their beauty but also for their environmentally responsible approach to production. Bella Notte uses methods that cause as little environmental impact as possible for eco-friendly and eco-chic bedding and linens. From fabrics created using sustainable sources to a non-toxic and low impact dye process, Bella Notte Linens is the leader in beautiful home decor and bedding while remaining as responsible as possible from start to finish. 


Full Body Pillows, Decorative Pillows and Bella Notte Luxury Bedding

Roll pillows, decorative pillows and luxury bedding from The Garden Gates' selection of Bella Notte Linens comes in many luxurious fabrics to work with the style of your home decor or to create a new look and give a bedroom a facelift. Decorative body pillows for the home from Bella Notte Linens come in the following fabrics: Homespun, Linen, Linen Whisper, Loulah, New Primrose, Satin, Satin Quilted, Olivia and Silk Velvet.


Buy Body Pillows, Accent Pillows and Luxury Linens from Bella Notte Bedding

Body pillows, accent pillows and luxury linens and Bella Notte bedding from The Garden Gates' selection is made when it is ordered. Each piece of fabric is custom dyed per order; that is why it is important to order all pieces in the same color at the same time, so that they will all be from the same dye lot. All of Bella Notte Linens products are manufactured in America by local community craftspeople  through a methodical process and stringent quality testing to ensure that customers receive only the finest quality and most luxurious products that Bella Notte Linens has to offer. Each order from Bella Notte Linens take 8 - 10 weeks, unless the item is included in their quick ship program. 


Luxury Body Pillows for Sale, Luxury Bedding, Accent Throw Pillows and Bed Linens

Please call The Garden Gates to get personal assistance when selecting your new bed linens from The Garden Gates' wonderful selection from Bella Notte Linens. Our talented and experienced designers can put together a personal quote of all the products in which you are interested, including colors, sizes and any additional information requested. The Garden Gates can also send you samples of the colors and fabrics for making sure they work with your existing home decor or for creating a brand new bedroom look. Call The Garden Gates for fabric and colors samples, personal help to make sure you get the best pieces for your needs and to find out what items on the quick ship program can work for you. 

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