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Bella Notte Linens Velvet Collection

The Velvet collection by Bella Notte Linens is a comfortable and gorgeous fabric made of 100% cotton. This classic collection of bedding and linens from Bella Notte is a favorite of customers and staff alike because of its versatility and beauty.


Velvet Luxury Linens

The Velvet fabric collection from Bella Notte Linens comes in White, Champagne, Silvermist, Petal, Ginger, Graphite, Fawn, Amethyst, Flax, Pebble, Seaglass, Sable, Sand, Rose Quartz and Pacific. When selecting your Velvet pieces, make sure to look at the pictures of all of their colors, as the Velvet texture can make colors appear richer. Try creating a neutral toned bed that is not lacking in color - white, champagne, sand, and ginger will become more than just base colors when put together. Fawn and petal create a soft look when used together as well. Sable and silvermist also have the same effect when side by side. 


Velvet Collection Bed Linens By BElla Notte Linens

Bella Notte's Velvet collection is made up of important accessory pieces that will bring a room together. Use a Velvet dust ruffle and euro shams with a Vivianne duvet, Satin Velvet deluxe shams, and Olivia decorative pillowcases over Satin. Top the look off with a Silk Velvet bolster for added comfort and appeal. Velvet also goes nicely with Satin, Satin Velvet, Silk Velvet Embroidered, and Silk Velvet Quilted in any combination. 

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