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Sophia Bedroom Bedding By Bella Notte

The Sophia collection from Bella Notte Linens comes in throw blankets - a large throw blanket and a personal comforter. Both blankets are backed in Satin and lightly padded. They make great blankets for summer bedding because they are not heavy but make the bed look put together for an easy look. The Sophia blankets make for great and attractive layering during cooler months as well because of the many velvety textures that go into this patchwork. New Primrose, Silk Velvet Embroidered, Satin Velvet, Silk Velvet Quilted are just some of the rich textures all over these blankets. 


Bella Notte Linens Sophia Luxury Lines

The Sophia collection of blankets from Bella Notte comes in all of their colors, and it is really neat to see how the different textures and fabrics look together and how they differ. Choose from White, Champagne, Silvermist, Petal, Ginger, Graphite, Fawn, Amethyst, Flax, Pebble, Seaglass, Sable, Sand, Rose Quartz and Pacific. All of the Sophia pieces in these colors are custom made when ordered, so each one will be a little different from the last. 


Sophia Collection Bed Linens By Bella Notte Linens

Bella Notte's Sophia collection of bed linens looks great with any of the Bella Notte Linens' fabrics. Satin is a nice match for the Sophia pieces because the smooth texture compliments the velvety textures in the blanket. Sophia also look great folded or draped atop a linen duvet cover with throw pillows in Velvet, Colette, Linen and New Primrose. Just about any combination of colors and fabrics looks great with the Sophia collection from Bella Notte Linens. 

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