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Bath & Body


Body Products, the Best Candles for Room Scents and Reed Diffusers

Body products and the best candle for room scents from The Garden Gates make the perfect addition to any room or home decor.  The soothing scent of Barr. Co products is made of natural plant extracts, including milk and oatmeal for a relaxing bath that is also beneficial to your skin. The butter lotion from Barr Co. will calm itchy or irritated skin for a moisturizing experience that also smells divine. Shop The Garden Gates' collection of Barr. Co bath and beauty products for bath soak, bubble bath elixir, butter lotion, hand salve and liquid soap.

Home fragrances, Decorative Candles and Oil Diffusers

The Garden Gates offers only the finest in home fragrances, decorative candles and oil diffusers. The scent of your home is just as important as your home decor, and The Garden Gates offers a wide variety of home fragrance solutions. From decorative urn candle and reed diffusers to traditional dried lavender sachets and organza bag sachets from France, The Garden Gates has many different and unique ways to make your home and rooms smell as beautiful as they look. 

Candles for Sale, Bath and Beauty Products and Home Fragrance for Aromatherapy

The Garden Gates' candle for sale, bath and beauty products and home scents come in a lovely array of fragrances to suit any nose. Try more powerful decorative candles in scents such as Tuscan Pear or Honey Almond for a scent that will travel throughout a room and home. If your palette is more sensitive, try classic favorites like Olive Grove for a clean and fresh scent that will stay in the background. Michel Design Works soap, candles and other bath products are indulgent as gifts for loved ones and also for yourself. Try the Beach scent for a fresh, seasonal fragrance that will transport you to your favorite seaside spot. Michel Design Works' magnolia fragrance is a timeless scent for any season of the year. The Garden Gates is honored to carry bath and beauty products from Michel Design Works in a number of scents, from lemon basil to floral lapin, to suit all of your home fragrance needs. 

Bath Soap Bars, Room Fragrances and Luxury Bath Supplies

Scented candles, room fragrances and luxury bath supplies from The Garden Gates come in a number of scents and designs to keep your home and belongings smelling fresh and lovely. Many of The Garden Gates' home fragrance options are safe and effective ways to keep the air clean and do not need to be attended. Such room scents as oil diffusers will subtly add fragrance to the air continuously for soothing aromatherapy to lightly scent the air. Reed diffusers are a practical option for bathrooms, children's rooms and entrance halls that often need a boost of fresh scent because they are high traffic areas. The Garden Gates' selection of oil diffusers will do their job throughout the day without having to worry about them. 

Soap Dishes, Scent Diffusers, Room Spray and Hand and Body Wash

The Garden Gates' soap dishes, scent diffusers, room spray and hand soap comes in a number of options to suit your home fragrance needs. Try The Garden Gates' hand soaps come in the heavenly scents of Honey Almond, Olive Grove and more. The Garden Gates' collection of decorative candles and oil diffusers will delight your senses throughout the seasons regardless of your home decor and accessories. From decorative candles to oil diffusers and bath soap, The Garden Gates will have the solutions to all of your room scent needs. Call The Garden Gates to get assistance to when selecting the right home fragrances for you. 

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