Basket liners

Basket liners


Basekt Liners

The Garden Gates brings to you the best selection of basket liners around. The Garden Gates offers the ever popular coconut fiber in multiple forms for every use in the garden, outdoor planters, metal planters and wall planters. Use coco moss in loose form to create your own hanging basket liner or purchase preformed coco basket liners for hanging baskets, hayracks, and wide planters in your outdoor area. Coco mats create excellent growing conditions for all outdoor planters because they hold the soil in place while keeping it easy to drain and breathable. Basket lined with coco moss look clean, healthy and well taken care of. Hanging basket and garden planter liners hold up nicely and are simple to replace when the time comes to buy new basket liners. Many of The Garden Gates' wire baskets and hanging baskets comes with liners, and we make replacing basket liners easy with our online solutions. 


Wire Basket Liner

In addition to coco moss, The Garden Gates brings to you cloverleaf basket liners in moss green. Instead of preformed, molded coco liners, these basket liners let you fold them to fit our baskets, creating a gentle overlapping look. The moss green color of the hanging basket liners looks natural and will fit with any outdoor decor and garden planters. Whether you are looking for the rich browns of coconut fiber or the mossy green of cloverleaf basket liners, The Garden Gates has hanging basket and wall basket liners to fit any space, basket or planter. Get the best basket liners for classic hanging baskets at The Garden Gates. 


Liners for Large Baskets

Not only does The Garden Gates bring you quality basket liners, but also we strive to bring convenience to your outdoor area. The Garden Gates' self watering hanging baskets, self watering mats and self watering wall baskets are ideal for the summertime and traveling. Cut back on watering your hanging baskets and wire baskets with self watering mats that are easy to use and easy to put in place. Simply use the self watering liners underneath the soil in your outdoor planter to keep plants and flowers hydrated. Self watering wall baskets and self watering handing baskets keep a reservoir of water in the container so that watering is cut back to once a week, not once a day. The Garden Gates' self watering systems for hanging baskets and wire baskets will help you spend less time outdoors working and more time outdoors enjoying your patio, lawn or garden. 


Hanging Basket and Wall Basket Liners

Choose from a broad selection of hanging baskets, wall baskets, wire baskets and all accompanying coco liners to make your outdoor space lush and colorful. Hanging baskets with liners are an easy way to add a touch of color or greenery to paved patios, paved walkways, balconies, and courtyards. Or add wall baskets and large baskets to a deck railing or porch to create an outdoor living space complete with patio furniture. Regardless of the size of your space, let The Garden Gates' outdoor baskets with liners complete your outdoor look and help you establish a healthy and beautiful garden to enjoy. 


Baskets with Liners

The Garden Gates' has a beautiful selection of brackets to hold your hanging baskets with liners. Also, shop online for iron baskets that come with not only stands but also coco liners - all you have to do is add the plants. Coco basket liners create a classic look peaking out between wire baskets and hanging  basket plants. Shop The Garden Gates' coconut fiber basket lines, molded basket liners for convenience, and self watering mats for your outdoor needs. 

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