Scented Candles and Fragrance Diffusers by Aquiesse Aesthetic Scents

The Garden Gates carries the delightful home fragrances of Aquiesse Aesthetic Scents. Fragrance diffusers and scented candles from this talented company are not only attractive but also wonderfully fragranced for any room in the home. Glass candle containers and diffusers jars come in beautiful brown glass that is as decorative as it is functional.

Home Fragrance, Decorative Diffusers and Glass Candles

Aquiesse Aesthetic Scents - Luxe Linen from The Garden Gates on Vimeo.

Home fragrances, decorative diffusers and glass candles from The Garden Gates’ collection of Aquiesse Aesthetic Scents come in five fragrances for any room in the home. Try the Bamboo Teakwood scent - the enticing combination of green bamboo, hawaiian violet and asian teakwood. The Cherimoya fragrances is a delicate blend of green leaf, cherimoya melange and clean musk. For a fresh scent, try the Luxe Linen fragrance which combines warm linen, herbal tea and smooth sandalwood. The Sandalwood Vanille scent from Aquiesse is an alluring blend of bergamot and lavender, white vanilla fleur, sandalwood and musk. Lastly, the soothing fragrance of White Tea & Mint combines white tea leaves, night blooming jasmine and fresh spearmint.

Aromatherapy Diffusers, the Best Candles and Room Fragrance

Each aromatherapy diffuser and best candle for room fragrance from The Garden Gates’ selection of Aquiesse Aesthetic Scents come in sleek and stunning containers you will want to showcase in your home. All of the candles from Aquiesse are made using a proprietary soy wax blend of organic soybean oil, and each candle features a carefully selected lead-free wick. Shop from large candles, small candles, tin candles and oil diffusers for a comprehensive collection to use throughout the home in all of your rooms. Using one scent in different forms will scent each room, keeping it fresh and fragrant. All of Aquiesse’s candle and diffuser scents work nicely together though; mix and match the fragrances to create a home that is as unique as you.

Decorative Candles, Scent Diffusers and Oil Diffusers for Home Fragrance

The Garden Gates’ decorative candles, scent diffusers and oil diffusers for home fragrance will last three to four months and come with 9.5 ounces of diffuser oil and reed sticks to whisk the fine fragrance into the air of any room. Diffusers are an ideal method of home fragrance for those who are too busy to burn candles and keep an eye on them. Diffusers will also do their job continuously - simply forget about them and enjoy a fragrant home or room for the next few months. Large and small candles come in a brown smoky glass container and are neatly packaged in an attractive box for easy gift giving. 

Room Scent Diffusers and Fragrant Candles from Aquiesse

Room scent diffusers and fragrant candles from Aquiesse make lovely additions to any room in the home and will work with just about any home decor. Large candles come in a 10 ounce size for 100 hours of burn time. Small glass candles are 4.5 ounces of soy wax and will burn for 45 hours. The tin candle has a lid for easy storage, is 5 ounces and will burn for 45 hours also. For any assistance regarding ordering, scents or shipping, please contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at The Garden Gates to answer any questions. Call seven days a week for personal assistance.










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