Outdoor Televisions

Outdoor Televisions


All Weather LCD Outdoor Televisions

The Garden Gates offers the newest technology is all weather LCD TVs for the ultimate in entertaining and creating an outdoor gathering space. Impress your guests and enjoy quality time with family and friends while watching movies, sporting events or concerts outside by the grill or in the pool. Any patio, deck or outdoor space will become the new favorite room of your home with a weatherproof LCD TV from SunBrite and The Garden Gates. SunBrite brings to you the latest and greatest technology in televisions to turn the outside of your house a home theater or family area. All weather LCD outdoor televisions will make your home a destination for the big game and special events, and you will be able to easily entertain guests and children with a SunBrite HD TV. 


SunBrite Weatherproof HD TVs and LCD TVs

SunBrite weatherproof HD TVs and LCD televisions from The Garden Gates will enhance your outdoor areas and a well landscaped garden and lawn by creating a complete look that is functional, fun and beautiful. The Garden Gates has a wonderful selection of outdoor furniture to turn your patio into a living room lit by the sun or a romantic space to watch movies under the stars. There are many possibilities with SunBrite LCD TVs that are also weatherproof. The Garden Gates also offer covers for our all weather LCD televisions to keep them protected while not in use. Entertain a large group of people or just yourself while relaxing by the pool or catching your favorite show with friends. Each SunBrite LCD TV comes with a water-resistant remote control, and every outdoor TV has been engineered for permanent outdoor installation. There is no need to bring your SunBrite LCD HD TV inside - each LCD screen has been integrated into an all-weather exterior that protects the internal component from rain, dirt, insects and scratches. A dual fan airflow system will keep your outdoor TV cool and dry in extreme temperatures up to 122 degrees fahrenheit. Also, an internally thermostatically controlled heater will protect each all weather outdoor television from extreme low temperatures down to -24 degrees fahrenheit. 


What is LCD TV?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display and is a type of digital display that utilizes two sheets of polarizing material with a liquid crystal solution between them for a literally crystal clear picture. The Garden Gates' SunBrite weatherproof televisions will display a beautiful picture time and again for years of enjoyment and use. 


Outside HD TVs and All Weather SunBrite Outdoor HD Televisions

The Garden Gates outside HD TVs and all weather SunBrite outdoor HD televisions feature an innovative water-tight cable entry system with pass-through design to keep cables dry and allows for easy hook ups. Each SunBrite HD TV comes with an anti-reflective window to reduce glare in the bright sunlight and increase contrast while protecting the LCD screen. The Garden Gates' all weather LCD TVs offer remote control lock-out to prevent unauthorized used from changing the channel or programming. A sleep mode feature will automatically turn off the weatherproof television after a certain amount of time in case you forget to turn the TV off at the end of the day or night. With all of these sophisticated features, The Garden Gates' SunBrite LCD TVs are a great addition to any outdoor space because of their ease of use. 


Weatherproof LCD HD TVs and Outdoor Televisions

All of The Garden Gates' weatherproof LCD HD TVs and outdoor televisions come with a 1 year, in-factory, parts and labor warranty. A 1 year extended warranty is available for purchase as well for these outdoor televisions. Call The Garden Gates to get the best advice when selecting your new SunBrite LCD TV. From selecting the size to finding the perfect spot in your outdoor area, patio or deck, The Garden Gates' team of experts and designs can assist you in making this important purchase. The Garden Gates also offers covers, cables, stands and wall mounts for all of these all weather outdoor TVs. 

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